Betsy Corridan

Beta Omicron, Iowa

Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi Chapter News

As we consider the challenges facing the Epsilon Zeta Chapter, we appreciate the heartfelt and thoughtful feedback we have received from college and alumnae members, parents, and administrators. With the same love and careful thought that brought us all into this sisterhood, we weighed the options available to us. While we wish the result could be different, it is apparent that diminishing chapter size will make it impossible for Epsilon Zeta to carry on chapter operations.

It is with deep sadness that, based on a unanimous vote by Grand Council, we will close the Epsilon Zeta Chapter at the University of Mississippi, effective at the end of the autumn 2018 semester.

Present membership in Epsilon Zeta is significantly below Panhellenic total, and results from this fall’s primary recruitment were discouraging, despite 17 visits over the last two years from Theta volunteer officers, staff, and educational leadership consultants to assist with recruitment, chapter operations, and finance issues.

While Epsilon Zeta will close at the end of the autumn semester, the chapter house will remain open until the end of the spring 2019 semester, and chapter members will continue as unaffiliated students, which simply means they are Thetas on a campus where we do not currently have an active chapter, and they will become alumnae, as usual, upon graduation.