Laura Ware Doerre

Founders Day and Friendship Fund Message

On January 27 each year, we celebrate Kappa Alpha Theta and what she has brought us: the opportunities for leadership and spreading the widest influence for good, the encouragement in our intellectual endeavors, and the love and support of sisters. We also celebrate our four founders for their vision and hard work in creating our Fraternity.

By designating January 27 as “Founders Day,” we recognize Bettie, Alice, Hannah, and Bettie together, as a group. In fact, almost 150 years after these young women first walked into the chapel at Asbury College wearing their kite-shaped badges, it can be hard to think of them as individuals.

Yet individuals they were, each with her own character, abilities, and interests. Because their lives shaped Theta’s past and were the inspiration for the values that continue to shape Theta’s future, we have dedicated each of the next four years to one of our founders. In 2016, we honor Elizabeth Tipton Lindsey.

Bettie Tipton was known for her scholarship: she was so well-prepared for college that she entered Asbury as a sophomore. Bettie demonstrated leadership; she was not only a founder of the first Greek-letter fraternity for women, but she was also a founder of the Philomathean literary society at Asbury. Bettie was a good friend, known for her humor and cheerfulness. Most of all, Bettie was kind and generous, spreading the widest influence for good in each of the communities in which she lived. She was especially concerned with caring for neglected and disadvantaged children.

Today, Bettie’s commitment to service is manifested by Theta’s ongoing relationship with CASA and our support of Theta Foundation. It is reflected in one of the three aspirations that form the basis of Theta’s strategic plan. And—most relevant to Founders Day—it is exemplified by our Friendship Fund, which provides monetary comfort and support to Thetas experiencing extreme financial hardship.

This Founders Day, we honor Bettie Tipton Lindsey and her legacy of service. Let us follow her example and remember that each of us has the opportunity to impact lives and create a more kind and generous world.

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