Liz Appel Rinck

Indulge in the Theta Magazine's Spring/Summer Issue

As part of an ice-breaking exercise the other day, I was asked to develop a personal tag line, and the first one that popped into my head was pretty frivolous: “You can’t have too many shoes.” I love shoes, but, yes, I can see that it might be possible to have too many. One can only wear one pair at a time, after all.

Self-indulgently, there are many things, in addition to shoes, that I enjoy having in large quantities. One of those is magazines.

There isn’t much that makes me happier than a tall stack of unread magazines. Who knows what treasures are waiting on their pages? As with wrapped birthday presents, the anticipation is half the fun.

If you haven’t already received the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of the Theta magazine, it should arrive in your mailbox in just a few days. So as not to spoil any sense of surprise, I won’t describe any of the contents and will let you decide which articles are treasures that need to be read right now and which can wait a bit. While we all have multiple demands on our attention, I hope that seeing the large “Theta” banner across the top of the front cover, as well as the three smiling faces below it, will stir up a bit of excitement for you.