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January Is Mentoring Month!

Category: Fraternity

Lisa Thibault

Epsilon Iota, Westminster

January is Mentoring Month, and Kappa Alpha Theta wants to help members make important connections through mentoring. It’s vital that our members have the capability to share career advice, educational opportunities, and more, and a great way to do that is through a mentoring relationship.

Having a mentor is beneficial for many reasons. A mentor can help navigate careers when deciding which path to choose and how to accomplish personal goals. Through mentoring, you gain a dedicated confidant who can:

  • Offer inspiration;
  • Provide direct, honest, and corrective feedback;
  • Open doors for possible employment opportunities; and/or
  • Develop your skills and interests.

ThetaConnect, our members-only platform, provides Thetas the opportunity to find a mentor in many ways, including the points below.

  • Members can search the Directory and include specific needs in the search filters, such as Education, Company, Industry, and more.
  • Members can visit the Mentoring area where suggested mentors are listed. Alumnae who have indicated in their profile they are Willing to Mentor appear here and potential mentees can search through multiple lists to find the right mentor.
  • Throughout the year, Kappa Alpha Theta provides career-based mentoring programs, such as Thetas in Medicine and Thetas in Nonprofit. More mentor programs are being planned for 2023, so be on the lookout for future announcements!

Throughout January, we will highlight stories showcasing Theta mentorship and how to find a mentor or be one! Make sure to follow Theta on Instagram and LinkedIn to learn more about Theta mentoring.

Have you had a Theta mentor? We want to hear from you! Share your Theta mentor story with us at