Anna Crandall

Kappa Alpha Theta: An Unexpected Love Story

When I joined Kappa Alpha Theta, I didn’t quite know what to expect. After a freshman year filled with theater, 21-credit semesters, a first love, and a whole new group of friends, I couldn’t imagine my world getting any bigger, or any better.

Luckily for me, I had the ideal freshman-year experience, and sophomore year was shaping up to be pretty great, too. My dorm-based romance turned long-distance due to him transferring schools. I moved out of my dorm room and into my first apartment. I scaled back on some of the credits as classes got harder, and I spent my weekends alongside my friends, exploring Minneapolis.

Still, something felt missing. As cliché as it sounds, I found myself looking at different clubs to join. I wanted to somehow be more involved on campus. I complained to a dear friend of mine about wanting more “strong female friendships.” Yeah, that’s an actual thing that I said.

She was a member of Theta, and had joined after she transferred from another school. Neither of us were your typical formal recruitment story. I received my bid after attending several relaxed continuous open-bid events - decorating cookies, painting picture frames, mug decorating, etc.

As soon as I received my bid, I was flooded with posts on my Facebook wall welcoming me to Theta. I attended my bid day event in the middle of a 24-hour theater festival. Bid day was technically my lunch break in the middle of spending 24 hours creating a piece of theater.

My spring semester was filled with preparations for initiation. I learned about the amazing organization full of women - leading women - and spent time getting to know my sisters. My sorority hasn’t replaced anything else in my life, only enriched it. If I need help with math, I am lucky to have sisters who know more than enough about statistics. If I’ve had a terrible time at class, my house is only three blocks away from campus. I’m now surrounded by 80-some women who believe I can do anything I set my mind to.

I made connections and friendships quickly. When you’re surrounded by ambitious, caring, and hilarious ladies, it’s hard not to! I indulge in a lot of the “typical” sorority girl things. I came in as a girl who loved hair bows and fancy planners, so Theta’s only enabling that part of me. But I’m also surrounded by ladies who have just as strong an interest in niche teen Australian drama TV shows as I do (“Dance Academy,” if you’re wondering).

From the moment I set foot in the dining room of Kappa Alpha Theta’s Upsilon Chapter, I knew I liked these girls. I felt some immediate friendships form, and I wanted to go back as soon as I left. I had no idea that I’d emerge a semester later completely in love with my newfound sisters.

I grew up surrounded by strong women. My mother, aunts, cousins, and grandmas shaped me into the person I am today, and now I have an amazing sisterhood to back me up for the rest of the journey.