Rachel Tilghman

Making Global Theta Connections via Facebook

In late April, I took a spontaneous trip to Quito, Ecuador to treat myself for my birthday (call it a quarter-life crisis if you will). I booked the trip with just four days’ notice, so I did very little planning, apart from reading a guidebook on my plane ride to South America. I've been part of the Kappa Alpha Theta Global Alumnae Facebook group for a while now, and I've seen members post to find roommates in foreign countries, plan trips, or get recommendations, so I thought I should try it.

I posted in the group, and within hours had made Saturday night dinner plans with two collegians from Zeta Eta/Wofford who were studying abroad for the semester: Hannah Flack and Jessica McClain. I was traveling alone 3,000 miles with no preparation and felt a little bit crazy, but I took comfort in knowing I already had plans with sisters.

In the true spirit of Ecuador, where nothing ever goes as planned, I had some things change, and it was on my bucket list to go to a true futbol (soccer) game in South America, so I messaged Hannah asking if we could swap dinner for a local arena soccer game. She and Jessica met me, and we cheered on the Quito home team while swapping travel stories and favorite Theta memories. After a few days of traveling solo and making friends with foreigners in hostels, it was a breath of fresh of air to talk to sisters.

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