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Message Regarding Overturning of Roe v Wade

Category: Fraternity

We realize that many of you were waiting to hear from Kappa Alpha Theta regarding the Supreme Court ruling impacting reproductive rights, but you didn't. We also recognize that Friday, June 24, and the days following, have been an upending time for all our members, ourselves included. Because our chapters exist in states whose laws vary from border to border, and our members have such varied, complex opinions on the issue with no clear consensus, we simply could not represent the view of our membership with a single statement.

Regardless of your position, Theta is here to support each and every one of you.

Last weekend, we gathered for Grand Convention 2022, and the Convention body voted to amend the schedule to include a listening session specific to the topics of bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, and the absence of a statement from Kappa Alpha Theta. We are sincerely appreciative of each member who shared difficult stories and emotions with us. Most of all, we heard that you want our direct support and resources. We heard you, and we support you, and we commit to doing better.

Please see below for some Theta-specific resources. By no means is this list meant to be exhaustive of all the options available to you, so please also reach out to your campus medical/mental health centers and/or your own OBGYN or family physician for additional medical resources.

  • The Friendship Fund exists to help Thetas who are facing extreme financial hardship. To be considered for funding, a member needs two other members to write a letter on their behalf. You can also donate to the Friendship Fund to support members who need emergency financial assistance.
  • A list of mental health resources is available on the Theta website.

We commit to:

  • Gathering and sharing resources this fall about effective advocacy and how individuals and groups can influence the changes and policies they desire;
  • Reviewing and updating the social media guidelines this fall to be clearer and more useful; and
  • Creating more opportunities like the listening session at Grand Convention in the future.

Because Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture its members and to offer skills and experiences to empower them as leaders, we encourage all Thetas to become advocates in their communities, states/provinces, and countries for the causes and policies in which they believe.

As we continue to face difficult issues, it is important that we respect and learn from the diverse viewpoints of our membership. Thank you again for sharing your perspectives with us.

Loyally in Theta,
2022-2024 Grand Council