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My CASA Story as a Foster Parent

Category: Fraternity

Ali Johnson-Calderone

Alpha Omicron, Oklahoma

Since 1989, National CASA/GAL Association for Children has been the official philanthropy of Kappa Alpha Theta. Thetas have volunteered countless hours and donated millions of dollars since then to impact the lives of foster children.

Ali Johnson-Calderone, Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma, is a foster parent who works closely with National CASA and shares her story.

Why are you involved with CASA/GAL?

I am not involved in CASA as a volunteer as I am a foster parent; CASA volunteers interact with me once a month when we have a placement in our home. As a foster parent, I speak with our CASA volunteer every other week and they visit the children in our home before court hearings. When my foster child needs something, I go to my CASA volunteer, because they are my foster child’s advocate within the court system. My home is licensed for four foster children, and we accept various ages and sibling sets.

Ali with one of her foster children.

Did your Theta membership prompt you to get involved with CASA?

I knew about CASA as a collegian, but I did not start working with CASA until I became a foster parent.

How has CASA impacted you personally?

Being a foster parent has altered my life in many profound ways and the various CASA workers who have been assigned to our various foster children have advocated for their best interests with consistency. The foster care system is very broken and very complicated to navigate; CASA volunteers make it easier.

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