Amy Linn Sobotka

My Daughter, My Sister

Our Theta story began in the early 1950s when my mom initiated into the Beta Tau Chapter at Denison University. I followed in the mid 1980s, also at Beta Tau. Fast-forward to a few years ago when my daughter, Megan, carried on the Theta legacy and joined Alpha Gamma Chapter at Ohio State. This is where her story begins.

To be honest, Theta was not Megan’s first choice. The call came drenched with tears and disappointment. Megan’s dad and I encouraged her to stay the course through her new member period, then make the decision to continue with sorority life or not. A few tough weeks ensued but she gradually began meeting and getting to know new girls…her sorority sisters. At that point, there was no turning back—she was home.

Megan immersed herself into Theta. In addition to all she was involved with at OSU—work, volunteering, tutoring inner city kids, and consistent dean’s list in early elementary education—she continued to stay involved with her beloved Theta.

But Megan wasn’t done. During her junior year, she was elected chief executive officer (CEO) of the chapter. In this position, she has thrived and felt great pride for her fraternity. From recruitment to initiation to philanthropy to social activities, and everything in between, Megan has given her all.

In keeping with her involvement in Theta, OSU, and the local community, Megan has stood fast to Theta’s ideal to meet the higher and broader demands of mature life through social, intellectual, and moral growth. She spent a month this past summer in Uganda working with orphans and young villagers to educate them and create libraries and classrooms to help instill her passion, a love for learning.

As her Theta kite soars, Megan continues to aspire to new heights each day by remembering her dedication to the Theta of motto of perseverance, independence, and faith. I am proud to say she is my daughter and my sister.