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Our Spring 2023 Issue

Category: Fraternity

Isabella Markovski-Dickey

Alpha, DePauw

The Spring 2023 issue of the Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine is here!

It’s officially spring, and springtime is synonymous with things like flowers blooming, spring cleaning, fresh air, and preparing for summer break. I think obtaining a fresh, new perspective around this time of year is restoring.

This Spring 2023 issue of the Theta Magazine is a fresh perspective in and of itself. First, it looks different! The last time the magazine experienced any sort of design refresh was spring 2018, and professionals recommend that any branding should be reviewed every 2-3 years. So, here we are with a new-ish look and a fresh perspective on the Theta Magazine. Be sure to read more about the enhancements on pages 10-11.

Theta Foundation’s feature on pages 12-16 showcases the various perspectives of members who have benefitted from Foundation funding. These members offer their own unique experiences in using Theta Foundation funding to advance their personal and professional goals, achieve more academically, and, in turn, gain fresh perspectives on their various fields of study, areas of expertise, and personal joys.

This issue’s Ask the Archivist on pages 6-7 is All About Alumnae. In this feature, you’ll learn much about the history, contributions, and importance of alumnae to the Theta experience. (Yes, even for collegians and college chapters!) Glean a fresh perspective on alumnae involvement and impact.

Oh! And get ready for Grand Convention 2024, which you can read a little more about on page 5.

With a drastic change in the seasons, springtime is an optimal time to look at something differently. Zoom out, reconsider, and move forward equipped with a fresh perspective.

The Spring 2023 issue is filling mailboxes through the first week of June; we hope you’ll enjoy receiving the printed edition! As always, you can read the current issue, as well as past issues, on the Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine page of this website.