Lisa Marie Bullard Lazdins

Reconnecting to Theta After College

Just before Christmas break my freshman year, a friend invited me to the Theta hall (no Greek houses on campus yet) to watch a movie with the sisters. I had the most amazing time with the most amazing women I had ever met. By the end of the night I knew this is the place for me, and I accepted a snap bid on the spot. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Fast-forward 16 years.

Last year one of my Theta sisters moved to town, and we began talking about the good old days of college. She told me she was part of the alumnae chapter and I didn’t even know there was one! Coincidentally, a few months later, I moved to where she had just moved from and I decided to look up the chapter. I got involved immediately! These women became an instant family to me in a town where I didn’t know very many people. In the alumnae chapter, I am connected with sisters from my chapter and from other chapters across the US. We are in all age ranges, and I love hearing stories from life in different chapters and different decades.

I am sad to say that I forgot how amazing Theta sisterhood can be. Since joining the Columbia Area SC Alumnae Chapter, I have taken on the officer role of planning Founders Day, excitedly agreed to be in the running for chapter president, made a huge group of new friends, and connected with collegians at the Zeta Lambda Chapter at Charleston.

I really look forward to this year and being reconnected with Theta!