Carey Thielemann Criswell

Beta, Indiana

Ritual Celebration Week: Celebrating Sisterhood

This tribute to the power of Theta sisterhood honors both Ritual Celebration Week and the Year of Sisterhood.

Theta is one of the BEST things that ever happened in my life!

I was just with a group of my closest friends over the weekend, all Thetas. All Indiana University grads from 1974 and 1975. We went to the IU vs Minnesota basketball game Friday night and then spent the weekend together. One just experienced the death of her son, one is going through a divorce, another is caring for two grandchildren who lost their mother to cancer four years ago, another's husband just lost his job, one’s son is going to get engaged this weekend, and another's daughter-in-law is due to have her first baby tomorrow! All these things and so much more we share and have shared for 45 years. I don't know what I would do without them … for their love, advice, and support, I am beyond THANKFUL!

You don't know what "Theta for a Lifetime" means or is going to mean when you are initiated. It's not until you live it that you truly understand.

Theta for a lifetime,

Carey Thielemann Criswell
Beta, 1972