Kristi Tucker

Shop for Theta Gear on the FindGreek App

If you or your chapter is looking for Bid Day T-shirts, gifts, or just something for yourself, check out Theta's list of licensed vendors any merchandise at FindGreek. As both a website and app, you can search this Pinterest-style site for specific items, vendors, or even items that are on sale.

With more than 600 licensed vendors to from which to choose, FindGreek offers a large range of products in all price ranges. Using these vendors can benefit both your chapter and Theta. By using a licensed vendor, you can assure that you receive quality products and great customer service. In addition, a percentage of the royalties from these vendors comes back to Theta and is used to support our college and alumnae chapters.

Do you have a favorite Theta shirt or piece of jewelry? We hope you enjoy searching and shopping for all of the latest Theta gear!