Lynne McCaul Miller

Start 2015 Off Right: Wellness Tips to Use Throughout the Year

The new year brings us all the best of intentions, and we tend to aim high. Exercise, weight loss…whatever your goals, they are likely lofty ones and can feel overwhelming. However, you can take a few simple steps that will improve your mood all year:

  • Cultivate gratitude. It may sound like new-age bunk, but thinking about what you have and being grateful for it is becoming a new mantra in the psychology field for good reason: It works! Next time you’re pining for something different in your life, think of this quote: “Never let what you want prevent you from enjoying what you have.”
  • Eat enough. You probably already know that being hungry makes you cranky, but research shows that calorie intake that is too low actually releases cortisol, the stress hormone. If you’re trying to limit calorie intake, experts recommend cutting as few as 50 calories a day until you reach a comfortable amount.
  • Practice kindness. Being kind to others improves our connections to people, helps us perceive others more positively, and actually produces “feel-good” chemicals in the brain. This one is easy and will improve your mood as well as the moods of those around you.
  • Get outside. Next time your mood is lagging, instead of hitting the coffee pot in the office, take a walk outside. It doesn’t have to be long or even vigorous. Just 5 minutes of natural light and some outdoor air will improve your mood.
  • Check yourself. This step takes fewer than 5 minutes and can make a big difference. Take an anonymous and free mental health screening on the Sisters Supporting Sisters page to see if your symptoms need professional attention.

What tips have you found useful to reduce stress and improve your mood? Share in the comments section below.