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Support the Next Generation of Thetas

Category: Fraternity

Our college years provided us with opportunities for personal growth, support with scholarship endeavors, and a sisterhood that lasts well beyond graduation. As an alumna, you can help nurture college women of today and tomorrow and enable them to forge lifelong connections, exercise leadership, and provide service to others.

Alumnae dues ensure Theta continues to bring that mission to life.

Marissa Petri, Theta Theta/NC State, believes in this mission. Along with serving Theta as an educational leadership consultant after graduation, she continues to give back as an advisor for Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest. She also supports the Fraternity by paying alumnae dues.

She says, “Before Theta, I was a shy and timid college student who did not believe in herself as a leader and felt lost on a large campus. Throughout my first months in Theta, I was provided a safe place to be my authentic self, where women saw leadership potential in me and encouraged me to pursue opportunities in which I could put that potential to work.

“I decided to start paying alumnae dues for the same reason I paid dues as a collegian—to create an ongoing sisterhood for myself in a new setting! Being in ‘the real world’ is frightening. Having sisters in a new city from all different stages of life to advise, comfort, and cheer me on is something so special. Many women of Kappa Alpha Theta got me through college, and I could not imagine going through adulthood without them either!

“I could easily spend $31 on a nice meal. It was a no-brainer to me to spend that amount of money on Theta!

“I would encourage other alumnae to think about the ways Theta impacted you as a college student … and remember that Theta can provide further enrichment to your life as an adult.”

If you want to join Theta in its mission to support the next generation of Thetas, we encourage you to pay alumnae dues at It’s a direct investment in the future of our Fraternity.