Christine Collins Clymer

The 'Nancy Drew's of Theta: The PAS

With our brand “Leading Women,” Kappa Alpha Theta is represented by a hardworking yet quiet group of women, the permanent alumnae secretaries, or PASes. As a PAS, I volunteer to keep the records of a specific chapter current by finding lost members and maintaining the existing member roll. Myself and the other PASes—one for each of our chapters—work diligently to keep our chapters connected with alumnae, Theta headquarters, and local alumnae chapters. The age of the Internet has made this job much easier to accomplish.

PASes are the “Nancy Drew”s of each chapter. I seek and find members that Theta headquarters considers “missing,” meaning that there is no longer a good working address for them. When I began this position 15 years ago, the job was done solely via mail and phone calls. If someone was abroad, she was difficult to track down. I just had to hope she reconnected if she returned to the States. With 21st century technology, I can now connect domestically and globally in the blink an eye. It has truly transformed how fast searching for someone can be done.

I use many search engines, social media sites, and school databases to find my “missing” Thetas. One of my best techniques has been emailing each new member class, going back from the 1970s to present. It is a great idea provided by another PAS and has worked well. Asking other Thetas has also been a terrific way to find missing members and a wonderful way to chat with alumnae from all around the globe. Just by spending a few hours each month, I am able to update my database with new facts on lost members or update details on current members. It is truly rewarding when, upon reconnecting with a Theta, she tells you that she was glad to be found!

Since my initiation 30 years ago at Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State, serving as an advisor at two other chapters, and now as Tau/Northwestern’s PAS, I have been enriched by being a part of Kappa Alpha Theta. I am honored to be Life Loyal to Theta and hope that others will look fondly on their years with the Fraternity. Alumnae can always update any data on Theta’s website and stay connected to the Fraternity.