Liz Rinck

Gamma, Butler

The Spring 2018 Issue: Reimaged!

Spring 2018 Issue

Rebooted? Renovated? Reimagined?

It’s hard to know what adjectives to use to describe the Spring 2018 issue of the Theta magazine. It represents a comprehensive redesign, not only graphically but also textually. We hope you enjoy our new color palette and our increased use of visual elements other than photographs. We also hope you enjoy the wide range of articles, from traditional features like our profile of a fascinating Theta to explorations of timely topics relating to Theta as a whole.

While we’re thrilled with many aspects of the “new” Theta magazine, it’s rare to get something—anything!—exactly right the first time. We are looking forward to making further improvements and innovations as we strive to make our magazine the best it can be.