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Isabella Markovski-Dickey

Alpha, DePauw

Since 1885, the Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine has shared news relevant to Theta, higher education, and society at large to Thetas and the general public alike. The magazine has evolved much over the years—from its physical size and look to the types of content within. Yet time and time again, the Theta Magazine has proven itself to be a messaging staple of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Currently, the magazine is published as three issues per year: Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The Spring issue is printed and mailed to every member for whom we have a good address on file with the Fraternity, and the Summer and Autumn issues are shared with a select group of members—we call this “limited distribution” (current collegians, recent [within five years] graduates, dues-paying alumnae [either to an alumnae chapter or directly to the Fraternity], and Life Loyal members). The Summer and Autumn issues may be printed and mailed, or the limited distribution group of recipients may be notified via email that the issue is available for virtual viewing on our website, depending on the planning and budget for that year.

Recently, we did a little research about our magazine recipients and found some fun facts and information!

  • If we pulled Spring’s mailing list in January 2023, issues would be mailed to 87 different countries! You can truly find Thetas all over the world.
  • If you were to split Spring’s mailing list (if we pulled it in January 2023) between collegians and alumnae, 17,410 collegians are on the list compared to a whopping 173,743 alumnae.
  • In a communication survey we performed in October 2022, the magazine was second to @kappaalphathetahq on Instagram for which of Theta’s media channels collegians seek out to obtain the latest information from Theta. It was alumnae’s first choice for the same question.
  • In the same October 2022 survey, both collegians and alumnae shared they most enjoy seeing coverage of other Theta chapters, reading stories about other Thetas, and finding out what their college chapter is up to.

The Theta Magazine continues to be a valuable source of information and updates for this organization and its members. We can’t wait to see where the magazine goes next!