Jackie Meyer

Theta Thoughts After Grand Convention 2016

Especially after just attending Grand Convention this past June, I find myself as part of an organization of truly leading women. The members of our chapter are some of the most interesting, intelligent, and kind people in my life, and all of the people I met that weekend amazed me with their friendliness, dedication, and personality. From the woman attending her 26th Convention and who knows all the secrets of stashing Convention brownies, to the women of a few chapters around the country who "adopted" me over the weekend as one of their own, to the random connections with a woman whose older sister works at the company where I'm interning, attending Grand Convention has made me realize that we are part of something much larger than we see every day at school, and it is beautiful.

Greek life can get a bad rap sometimes, and I myself have had moments of cynicism in the past, but I've grown to a better, more loving person because of my involvement in my chapter. Nowhere else have I felt so connected to complete strangers, and so proud of what we have worked for as a chapter. The women I have met in Kappa Alpha Theta are on to great things because they are unbelievably talented and dedicated. Greek life is not what is often portrayed in the media but is rather a community that fosters self-confidence and motivation in every member, and has positively impacted so many lives around the world.

Thank you to my friends who challenged me to do this, thank you to everyone who has helped me in times of stress, and thank you to everyone in Theta with whom I have had the joy of getting to know. A special thank-you to everyone who is involved with Theta Lambda and attended Grand Convention with me! You each inspire me every day.