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Visit ThetaConnect on National Intern Day

Category: Fraternity

Lisa Thibault

Epsilon Iota, Westminster

Today is National Intern Day! It’s a time for everyone to recognize the importance of interns and the opportunities internships present for those who want to expand their knowledge and get a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Are you an employer looking to hire interns?

Here are some activities to consider in recognizing the day:

  1. Ask your workplace to hire interns with pay.
  2. Thank your interns for their contributions.
  3. Find an internship for another Theta. It’s easy to do in ThetaConnect: visit the Mentoring section and update what boxes you have checked in the Offer Mentoring list.
  4. Post internships in ThetaConnect’s Job Board. Make sure to indicate that the position is an internship in the Employment Type field.

Are you seeking an internship?

Go to ThetaConnect’s Directory, use the search filters to find members in your area of interest who marked their profiles as Willing to Help, and send them a message! Or go to the Mentoring area and click Find Your Own Mentor to see a list of members willing to help.

Do you currently have an internship?

We’d love to learn more and see you in action! Post stories and photos in ThetaConnect or send them to