Laura Kassenbrock Stelsel

Welcome back, Thetas! Your advisors are ready to help you rock this school year.

As the Theta staffer in charge of volunteer engagement, I speak with chapter advisors on a daily basis, and lately, I’ve been noticing a certain sentiment among them.

The start of the new school year is, of course, an exciting time for Theta collegians, but this year, our advisors seem more eager than ever to get back to campus, see the undergraduates, and get started on chapter goals.

This summer, Theta held its 72nd biennial Grand Convention. It’s an inspiring experience that brings women from every chapter together and provides the opportunity to reflect on chapter operations, celebrate accomplishments, and brainstorm about the year ahead. Grand Convention always seems to energize all who attend. Chapter officers and advisors have been eager to put these new ideas into practice for the last six weeks, and with the beginning of a new semester, it's finally time!

But beyond the motivation that Convention brings, an even bigger driver is that these alumnae genuinely care for and love the collegians they serve and they want to see them, and the chapter, grow and succeed. It truly is why they do what they do, and in fact, they downright missed you. A few comments straight from advisors themselves:

“I am very excited for the collegians to come back! I look forward to seeing their refreshed motivation heading into a busy fall. The women come back from summer with new ideas, and it is going to be fun to see how those plans fit into the chapter.”
–Erin Smith, Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi ABC

“I am so proud of the progress that our officers and all of the members of Theta Kappa/Louisville have made (last semester) and am very much looking forward to what this semester will bring!”
–Nicole Eovino, Theta Kappa/Louisville

“I am so excited for the Gammas to be back! Summer is fun, but I love being around them and seeing their awesomeness up close.”
–Liz Gumbel Duvall, Gamma/Butler ABC

“Fall is an exciting time for any college student, but this year is an even more special one. Eta Xi is celebrating 10 years in 2016, and it’s wonderful to have been just a small slice of that history as an advisory board member. So many important Theta events will take place in the next few months, including the chapter celebrating its first decade with an alumni brunch in November. I could not be more proud of the chapter and wish them a safe, smart and happy semester.”
–Laura Magnotta, Eta Xi/Quinnipiac ABC

Are you a college chapter advisor or chapter officer? Why are you eager to get back to your Theta role? What’s your top Theta priority for the year ahead?