Lorie Larson Land

When You Need Her, Theta Is There!

Kappa Alpha Theta meant so much to me in college! It gave me confidence at the time (how could these great women possibly want to include me in the chapter?), friends for life, and the feeling of being part of something that was bigger than me or my college campus. My mother is also a Theta, and she was so pleased (especially after my two older sisters rejected the Greek system) that Theta and I chose each other.

As I grew up, my mother was involved in many organizations. In the 1950s and 1960s, there were far fewer opportunities to be a leading woman than there are today, and one common way to contribute was to join women’s groups for fellowship, service, and leadership opportunities. She did not emphasize her Theta ties to me, and the local alumnae group seemed to be just one of her many interests. When it was time to visit colleges, my father showed me all the engineering facilities on the campuses, which I expected, but I was surprised that my mother showed me all the Theta houses. Turns out she did have Theta aspirations for me—who knew?

There have been times in my life when I felt I was too busy to be involved with Theta, and I’m sure that has been the case for many. Women have lots of responsibilities to juggle, and nobody ever has “extra” time. After moving to South Carolina from the Midwest, Theta has given me the opportunity to bond with fabulous women who I never would have met otherwise. Again, Theta was there when I needed her.

My 92-year-old mother now lives in a retirement facility in California. She was excited to tell me that she met three other Thetas (no, they weren’t wearing their Greek letters). They enjoy each other’s company at monthly lunches now. Mom feels fortunate to have discovered their Theta connection, and finds it fascinating that they are all from different chapters. You are never too old to make new friends, and Theta was there for mom. As life circumstances change—and you can be sure they will—consider reconnecting with Theta in some new way. When you are ready to be involved, Theta will be there for you.