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March 2020 Heritage News: Theta Anniversaries

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Noraleen Young

Alpha Chi, Purdue

As we move through the 150th anniversary year, we will celebrate some important anniversaries in addition to Theta’s founding. One of the most significant is the first public appearance of the Theta badge on March 14, 1870. When Bettie, Alice, Bettie, and Hannah wore their badges to chapel that Monday morning, they announced to the world the first Greek-letter fraternity for women.

Theta’s badge remains one of our most important symbols. We begin wearing it upon our initiation, and every time we wear it afterward, it reminds us of our connection to Theta as well to those four pioneering young women. To find out more about the badge’s history, visit the Our Badge section of the website.

March also marks U.S. Women’s History Month. One of the best sources for learning about Thetas who have made significant contributions in a variety of endeavors is the Notable Thetas area of the website. Whether you search by category, chapter, or decade of initiation; you’ll always find someone amazing. We learn about notable Thetas all the time; who knows who will be added in the future!

Each of the women in the Notables area has worn the Theta badge. As we continue to move through our 150th year, remember to wear yours. Let the world know about your connection to Theta.