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Posted On: Saturday, February 14, 2015 03:34 PM, by Annie Hornung
ELC Annie at Bid Day for Theta Iota/Georgetown University.
Happy Valentine's Day! On this special day, we are reminded of the love that surrounds us. In light of this, I thought I would share a few of the many reasons why I love being an ELC.

1. The team. I joined the 2013-2014 ELC team last March and was immediately welcomed by some of the kindest women I have ever met. These women quickly became a strong support system for me during my first few months in the role, and I would not trade the experience I had with them for anything. The same is true for the 2014-2015 ELC team. These women are more than my co-workers - they are some of my best and truest friends. I will always be grateful for the trust we built and friendship we share. They are truly the best of the best!

2. The travel. When I first learned about the educational leadership consultant program, I was immediately drawn to the travel. I never would have pictured myself seeing so many different areas of the country in such a short amount of time, but the opportunity to do so has been life changing. As a full-time traveling consultant this spring, I am visiting 15 college campuses in 11 different states and two different countries. Aside from exploring these new places, I love meeting new people, trying new food, and touring the college campuses to learn more about what makes them unique.

3. The challenges. As silly as it sounds, I am grateful for the challenges that come with being an ELC. Among other things, this job has taught me how to think on my feet and not take myself too seriously. I have had several important life experiences in this role and have learned many lessons as a result.

4. The skills. Being an ELC has changed me for the better. Last March, I moved across the country from my hometown in Woodinville, Washington to Washington, DC to help establish the Theta Iota chapter at Georgetown University. At the time, I had never been to the east coast and knew no one in the city. Living alone and working in a brand new place forced me to be independent in ways I had never been before. Today, I visit a new city at least once a week, which has taught me to be adaptable and confident. I am a better person because of this job.

5. The impact. My time as an ELC has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Building relationships with collegians, alumnae, and volunteers has been so rewarding, and giving back to the Fraternity in such a meaningful way has made this my dream job. I have learned that Theta love is really all you need, and it has been such an honor to serve Kappa Alpha Theta in this capacity.

Annie Hornung, Educational Leadership Consultant, Eta Sigma/Chapman University

Posted On: Sunday, February 8, 2015 02:37 PM, by Ann Crary
ELC Ann with members of the Louisville Alumnae Chapter
January 27th is a special day for Thetas all over the country. In recognition of Kappa Alpha Theta's 145th Founders Day celebration I would like to share with you the special Founders Day experiences ELCs have. Traveling all over the country, it is rare that ELCs celebrate Founders Day with their college chapter. But instead, we are welcomed to celebrate wherever we might be.

  • ELCs Jenny Cook and Madison Cannon were invited to the St. Paul/Minneapolis celebration where local alumnae and collegians from Upsilon/Minnesota gathered to recognize Kappa Alpha Theta's founding.

  • ELC Margaret was reunited with former ELC Sarah Comstock in Washington. Margaret shares, "I had an awesome experience celebrating Founders Day with the women of Alpha Sigma and former ELC Sarah Comstock. It's amazing to think that Thetas near and far gather every January to honor our amazing history as the first Greek-lettered fraternity for women. This history has greatly impacted my life and will continue to do so."

  • ELCs Sarah Kindscher and Maddie Inften organized Beta Gamma/Colorado State's first Founders Day brunch with the Fort Collins Alumnae Chapter. The alumnae were so happy to have Beta Gamma women attend this celebration once again.

  • ELCs Alyssa and Julia celebrated Founders Day with the St. Louis Alumnae Chapter, and Alyssa shares, "One of my favorite moments of Founders Day this year was meeting a fellow Gamma Psi/Texas Christian at the brunch with the St. Louis Alumnae Chapter. Despite being years apart, we were able to exchange Theta stories and talk about our time at TCU. Theta gives us a bond like no other that even when talking to a complete stranger, you feel such comfort."

  • ELC Kaitlyn was able to take a break from her busy semester traveling and spent Founders Day in her hometown with the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter. "I was able to attend the Louisville Alumnae Chapter brunch. The chapter was so thrilled to welcome collegian members from Kappa Alpha Theta's newest college chapter at the University of Louisville. It was so comforting to know that after Theta Kappa members graduate from U of L, they will be welcomed in to a wonderful alumnae chapter to continue their Theta experience."

How did you celebrate Kappa Alpha Theta's 145th Founders Day?

Ann Crary, Educational Leadership Consultant, Beta Omicron/Iowa

Posted On: Thursday, January 29, 2015 12:00 PM, by Jenny Cook
ELCs Jenny and Courtney toughing out the bitter Indy winter last year at headquarters
Rain or shine, sleet or snow, blizzards or the Polar vortex... ELC's travel through some crazy weather! Traveling during the winter may be one of the most stressful times to travel coming in second to traveling during the holidays. Winter weather brings added stressors such as delays, cancellations, freezing planes, and moody people. The winter blues can definitely affect your trip so here are some of my tips to keep your winter travel as stress-free as possible:

1.Choose morning flights- Even though this may mean waking up super early, it will pay off in the likely chance that your flight gets delayed or canceled. More options become available throughout the day and you can avoid staying somewhere overnight.

2.Give yourself longer layovers- In the event that your flight does get delayed and you have to make a connecting flight, you want to have plenty of time to get to your gate. I've learned my lesson too many times from having to run through multiple airports to make a connection. To all the people I have nearly trampled in the airport: I'm sorry! This way you can also avoid being the sweaty, panting person on the plane who the flight attendance thinks may need an oxygen mask.

3.Notify your flight attendant- If you know you have a tight connection, tell your flight attendant! They may be able to help you get off the plane faster or hold your next flight. I've done this before and it was definitely helpful because they held the flight for me. The other passengers hated me for it, but hey we still made it to the next place on time!

4.Invest in TSA pre-check- Winter weather doesn't only affect air travel, it affects your ability to actually get to the airport too. It has saved me a number of times when I get to the airport later than expected due to icy roads and I can fly through security and still make my flight. TSA pre-check is the greatest thing you could invest in if you travel often!

5.Turn off the air and wipe down your seat- Winter and cold season go hand in hand. To avoid getting sick as much as possible, make sure to turn off the air at your seat. It is just circulated air (aka other people's germs) from the plane and can make your skin extra dry, as if flying doesn't already do that enough to you. Bring sanitizing wipes and clean your seat, seatbelt, window, seat tray and armrest. People will look at you like you're OCD but I promise you will feel better once you do it!

6.Buy a lightweight packable winter coat- Often times in this job we could be in Texas one day and Vermont the next, so our wardrobe varies quite a bit! Buying a packable winter coat is great because they don't take up a lot of space in your suitcase and are light enough that they don't add additional weight to your luggage. I bought mine at Macy's, it weighs less than 2 pounds, and can pack into a small pouch that is as big as my pencil pouch (which is telling to my obsession with office supplies, I suppose).

7.Bring a big scarf- I always have a big scarf with me that can serve as a blanket on colder flights, or I can fold it up to be a pillow. It is also helpful to use as a mask when you have to sit next to that person who won't stop coughing or who may be a little smelly from probably running through the airport, we've all been there...

8.Be understanding- I'll be the first to admit that I have lost my temper at the agents who work at the gate when I miss my flight or it gets delayed. The emotions start escalating and before you know it you're crying like a 3 year old in front of strangers who can't help you. It's embarrassing, so cool it! Be understanding when something goes wrong with your travel plans and don't blame the airline workers, it's not their fault that it's snowing! During the winter, it's better to have the mentality that something will go wrong so you can mentally prepare to handle the situation in a calmer manner.

These are just a few of my tips and I hope they help you have stress-free travel during the winter. Hopefully no one sees me running through the airport this winter, but if they do, toss me a water! Help a sister out! Safe travels!

I'd love to hear any other winter travel tips you may have!

Jenny Cook, Educational Leadership Consultant, Beta Tau/Denison University

Posted On: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 01:30 PM, by Maddie Intfen
ELC Maddie and Fraternity President, Laura Doerre ran the Walt Disney World marathon on January 11.
With the beginning of every new year comes the frequently asked question, "What is your new year's resolution?" For some of us, a resolution for the new year is ignored. For others, a new year's resolution may be created, yet becomes quickly dissolved as our schedules and lives become busy and chaotic. However, for many of us, a new year poses an opportunity to set a goal and to achieve it.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a goal is defined as something you are trying to do or achieve. To each one of us a goal can mean something a little different. Goals can be set to allow for personal growth, individual achievement, or to better ourselves and way of life. Achieving a goal is not an easy task and often takes dedication, commitment, accountability and passion.

Last year I set a personal goal to cross, "running a marathon" off my bucket list. With the inspiration and support from some of my closest family and friends, I registered for the Walt Disney World Marathon. Although I am an avid runner, running a distance of 26.2 miles is not an easy feat. Training and preparation began in July this past summer. I followed a workout schedule that often conflicted with the busy lifestyle of being an ELC. However, with dedication and commitment to a strict workout schedule, a love for running, and support from friends and family, I was able to achieve my 2014 goal and complete the Walt Disney World Marathon last week.

A new academic semester has started and for many, a new chapter officer term has begun. Take this opportunity to set an attainable goal. This can be done individually, as an officer, as a new member class, as a committee or as a chapter. A new year means a new beginning. I encourage you to make 2015 a year of positive influence and change. Define a goal, commit, hold yourself accountable, and find your support system. Most importantly, don't forget to celebrate your goal once it has been achieved.

What goals have you set for 2015?

Maddie Intfen, Educational Leadership Consultant, Delta Eta/Kansas State University

Posted On: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 04:00 PM, by Madison Cannon
ELC Madison "chomping" outside "The Swamp" at Delta Theta/University of Florida.
As I begin my nomadic semester of full time traveling, I reflect on the challenges that Theta has given me throughout my collegian and alumna experience. When I started college, I had a general idea of my chosen career path and where I wanted to live. I considered myself a homebody; I wanted to move back to my home state and become a teacher. It was the only life path I ever considered. And she lived happily ever after. End of story. Sounds nice, right? I thought so. But now I couldn't be farther from that.

My Theta experience has consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged my preconceived thoughts. The first time was when my chapter's nominating committee slated me as chief recruiting officer. The second time was when I accepted my job as an ELC and was assigned to establish Eta Psi/Tufts. The third time when supporting Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins in their second year as a chapter. Now, Theta is challenging me as I hit the road for a full semester of traveling. As each opportunity arose, I welcomed each new task knowing it would be hard, but also knowing I could do it.


The support from my Theta sisters encouraged me along the way. Leading women led me to be a leading woman leading women - see what I did there? If you had asked me a few years ago if I would ever travel for work, I would have said, "Absolutely not, I'm allergic to airports." Now, that's just not the case! I am so excited to be a full time traveler! I spent the majority of my winter holiday researching the best packing techniques, travel gadgets, airport food and frequent flyer programs. Thank you, Pinterest. I am proud to travel for Kappa Alpha Theta and continue our mission. By the time I finish my career as an ELC, I will have had served in all three capacities (establishing a chapter, assisting during the second year, and traveling). I still cannot believe the semester that I am embarking on or how fortunate I am to have had these opportunities.

How have your sisters encouraged you in or out of Theta? Have you done something you never would have without them?

Madison Cannon, Educational Leadership Consultant, Zeta Tau/University of Delaware

Posted On: Thursday, December 11, 2014 01:53 PM, by Kaitlyn Luppino
ELC Kaitlyn during her visit to Eta Phi/Belmont
Four years ago, during my freshman year of college, I got the "Theta Travel Bug". I visited California with my Dad and we went to see the facilities of both the USC/Omicron Chapter and UCLA/Beta Xi Chapter. Ever since those visits, I have been intrigued by what makes each Theta chapter and each college campus unique. Growing up, my family described me as a "sponge" because I enjoy soaking up facts and stories about anything and everything. As a full-time traveler, this "sponging" has been taken to a whole new level. Below are just a few of the highlights from each of my visits this semester!

•LSU/Delta Kappa: During my first visit I got to meet "Mike the Tiger" - a live tiger! Mike lives outside of the football stadium and is always a crowd favorite!

•Univ. Louisville/Theta Kappa: While assisting with the establishment of this chapter, I learned that the University of Louisville recently joined the Atlantic Coast Conference.

•Texas A&M/Delta Omega: Aggieland is full of many traditions, but one of the most special is the ring ceremony. Once students receive a certain number of credit hours, they place their orders for their class rings. The rings are presented to the students by a former Aggie at the ring ceremony. I was able to visit the ring statue while in Aggieland.

•Univ. Florida/ Delta Theta: The University of Florida, home of the Gators, was the first of my Florida visits for the semester. UF is the state's largest university.

•Michigan State/Beta Pi: During my visit to Beta Pi, I had the opportunity to taste "Beta Pie." The creation of this pie is a chapter tradition and only alumnae know the recipe. Such a tasty treat!

•College of Idaho/Eta Eta: Even during recruitment visits, ELCs find time to see the campus. During my visit to Eta Eta I learned about the college's founder Dr. Rev William Judson Boon and even posed for a picture with his statue on campus!

•Univ. Alberta/Beta Chi: While on my tour of the Beta Chi facility, I was told that one of Frank Lloyd Wright's students helped design the facility. I also learned about the previous tenants before Thetas moved in.

•Univ. North Florida/Eta Omicron: Located in Jacksonville, FL, part of the university is located on a 300 acre nature preserve. The students enjoy many outdoor activity opportunities on the lake.

•Indiana/Beta: While on a campus tour, I learned how one of the architects for the university was a member of Beta Theta Pi. If you look around campus you will see objects symbolizing the fraternity.

•Wisconsin/Psi: The university is located on/near five lakes. The lakes are an impressive sight on campus and the chapter facility's "lake room" shows off the great views.

•Univ. Cincinnati/Alpha Tau: I had the opportunity to take a tour of the award winning 200,000 square foot student recreation center during my visit. Not only is the center fully stocked with all sorts of equipment, it also houses a food court, swimming pool and basketball courts.

•Belmont/Eta Phi: Located just seconds from Nashville's music row, it is no surprise that the university has many famous alumni. Brain and Tyler of the famous country band Florida Georgia Line, Brad Paisley and Trisha Yearwood are just a few notable alumni.

•Randolph -Macon College/Epsilon Omicron: My favorite part of the campus tour at Randolph-Macon College was seeing the beautiful fountain at the center of campus.

•Eastern Kentucky/Delta Upsilon: One of the creators of Central Park in New York City, also helped design the outdoor amphitheater on campus.

•Univ. Michigan/Eta: The chapter facility at the University of Michigan is noted as an historic Michigan landmark.

Looking back on this semester, I was exposed to wonderful learning opportunities and met many amazing women who I am proud to call my sisters. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had thus far and I cannot wait to see what next semester's visits hold!

Kaitlyn Luppino, Educational Leadership Consultant, Delta Omicron/Univ. Alabama

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