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Happy Third Birthday, ThetaConnect!

Category: Fraternity

Madi Leger

This month, ThetaConnect is celebrating its third birthday! Since July 2020, ThetaConnect, our members-only platform, has assisted members in finding mentors, career opportunities, educational events, and new connections. The impact ThetaConnect has had on member experience is extremely exciting!

ThetaConnect has seen many highlights over the past year, including:

  • 2,300+ new users,
  • 500+ comments posted in the Feed,
  • 900+ jobs posted on the Job Board,
  • 1,800+ private messages sent between users,
  • 203 groups added to the Groups section,
  • 100+ events posted to the Event Board, and
  • So much more!

Sign up today at to engage with other Thetas. Contact with questions or assistance.